Guidelines for Mass & Holy Communion


From the Office of the Bishop: Guidelines to take effect June 2, 2021


1. Facemasks are no longer required, but are strongly suggested for those who have not yet received the COVID-19 vaccine or are otherwise vulnerable. Respect is to be shown to those following CDC and state and local guidelines, as well as for those, who for personal reasons, choose to continue to wear facemasks and practice social distancing.


2. Social distancing is no longer required. The use of all pews/seating areas is permitted.
3. The use of Holy Water fonts is permitted. Holy Water should be replaced and basins should be cleaned regularly.
4. Liturgical processions at the beginning and conclusion of the liturgy as well as offertory processions are permitted.
5. The offertory collection is permitted.
6. Liturgical ministers (altar servers, lectors, ushers, musicians, cantors, choirs, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion) are permitted.
7. Holy Communion: The distribution of the Precious Blood remains suspended until further notice. It is highly recommended that one receive Holy Communion in the hand, but the right to receive on the tongue remains in place. A table with sanitizer should be located near the distribution station for those distributing Holy Communion who accidently physically contact a communicant, sanitizing immediately after contact and before proceeding to the next communicant. Priest concelebrants and deacons should continue to receive by intinction.
8. Greeting of the faithful: Clergy may greet parishioners, but with special care if the cleric has not yet been fully vaccinated or is otherwise vulnerable.
9. Hymnals and other books may be returned to the pews.
10. A general cleaning of the church and other public places should take place on a regular schedule, with special attention given to frequently used surfaces such as door handles, bathroom fixtures, etc.
11. You are asked to continue to provide hand sanitizers at the church entrances and other public spaces.
12. Miscellaneous •
·     Pastors should ask the faithful who are not feeling well to remain at home.
·     Live Streaming of Masses should continue when possible.
·     Care should be taken to continue following CDC, state, and local guidelines with regard to activities with children who have not yet been fully vaccinated.
Please continue to pray for a complete end to the pandemic, for all those who died from the pandemic and for those who have lost loved ones, employment or have been adversely im
pacted by the pandemic.

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